Sharing a sense of solidarity

BoyTe_donation-queueTouching photos from Viet Nam- a long queue in the Government office to contribute to donation for earthquake-hit Japan.

Besides devastation, what found in the earthquake-hit Japan are solidarity, wisdom, dignity and strong will to re-build the country with greater resilience. Yes, Japan is confronting crucial hardships which would take a long and tough process to recover. However, I still believe in our strength and wish that Japan's struggles would rather spread a hope and courage to the world watching the situation.

To date Japan has been carrying out numerous cooperation projects for Disaster Risk Mitigation/Management in developing countries vulnerable to natural disasters, including Viet Nam. Among various activities are capacity development, integrated flood management plans and community-based disaster management.

Boyte_donation-boxAlthough it is impossible to control nature, it is still possible to minimize the potential risk/damage. By promptly reflecting the lessons from this catastrophic disaster to such projects, it may simultaneously enhance DRM capacity of other countries.

As a member of the international community, I believe Japan will eventually demonstrate an excellent model of risk mitigation of and response to disasters through our unprecedented challenges. It can be one of the best ways to send our sincere thanks to the world.